Re: [Evolution] Backing up.

At 09:00 08/03/2004 +0000, D. D. Brierton wrote:
On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 01:08, J. Kelley Jernigan wrote:

> I would be doing both.
> To an FAT32 drive I share with XP-Pro and burning a to a CD-ROM

Okay, if you are backing up to a FAT32 drive then just follow the steps
below. (I am assuming your FAT32 drive/partition is mounted somewhere on
your system. Just replace "/path/to/your/backup/mountpoint" with the
actual mountpoint of your FAT32 drive/partition.

To back up to a CD-R(W), do this. First, as root, do this:


Even if I agree that the command-line is a very good interface for lots of things, I think that burning a CD is not one of them, especially for a new Linux user. I have successfully used xcdroast (steep learning curve) and k3b (much easier, looks just like EasyCD-Creator) to backup my evolution directory. Also, I try to avoid compressing my backups. If something happen to the physical media holding a compressed archive, I'm completely toast. With a uncompressed archive I will be able to recover most of the file. Still, tar may be useful to wrap everything in a single file because you may have problems with the long file names used by Evolution.

So Kelley, the gist is :

To pack your Evolution folder into a .tar file (uncompressed) archive:
tar -cvf evolution.tar ~/evolution ~/.gconf/apps/evolution

If you really need compression, created a Bzip2 archive with:
tar -cjvf evolution.tar.bz2 ~/evolution ~/.gconf/apps/evolution

Then simply burn the file or the folder using your prefered CD burning software.

To restore from an uncompressed folder:
tar -xvf /mountpoint/of/cd/evolution.tar

To restore from a compressed folder:
tar -xjvf /mountpoint/of/cd/evolution.tar.bz2

Best Regards,
David Garnier

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