Re: [Evolution] font problem

On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 21:36, amarpreet rattan wrote:
can you switch font style in the composer window?  i don't seem to be
able to do that.  i see a bold 'A', italics 'A' etc.  can we pick
those?  i can also see these options in format > styles but they are
whited out (except for plain text).

Do an Format->HTML (ie turn the HTML mode on) and the font stuff gets enabled (as this message is).

However, please note that us old timer email folk (especially coming from a unix background)  vastly prefer ASCII email to HTML. I would suspect many of the longer term folks the evolution list would prefer ASCII. After all email is basically a text format, and plain ASCII if far more space efficient.


Brad Warkentin
Email: <brad warkentin rogers com>

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