Re: [Evolution] POP Log on problems

Right you are!

I tried it again, and it worked.

I must have had some other problem with the new setup, but when I saw the wrong username in the password dialog box, I thought it was evolution.



On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 12:23, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 12:09 -0600, Jean Neron wrote:


Our ISP changed the way we connect to our POP accounts to get mail.

Previously I put the host name in the host name field, and my username in the username field. Evo would connect to the host, and then log in as username host

The problem is that now the host name I connect to and the username I use have different host names. I have to connect to host '' and login as 'jneron cansyswest com'. I can't get Evo to do this. If I put 'jneron cansyswest com' as the username, then Evo connects to '' (as it should), but then tries to log on as 'jneron cansyswest'. It's appending the host name to my username, even tho' my username already has the right host name.

no no no... Evolution uses the username that you give it and the hostname that you give it verbatim. It does not change either one when logging into the POP server.

Ie. if you have the following settings:

User: fejj

the login sequence will look like this:

<connect to host ''>
USER fejj
PASS <password>

if your settings are instead like this:

fejj vhost com

then the login sequence will look like this:

<connect to host ''>
USER fejj vhost com
PASS <password>

the password prompt dialog *always* takes the shows the string: $USER $HOSTNAME even if $USER has an @ in it also.

Is there a way I can solve this, or am I screwed?

there's nothing to solve. it will already work if you input the correct values.


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