[Evolution] Can't send using Evolution - solved

On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 08:29, Calum Benson wrote:
Peter James wrote:
I can't send mail using Evolution 1.4.6. running under Mandrake 10.
and KDE.  
I can receive mail OK, but when I attempt to send I get the
following error 
"Error while performing operation: Can not send message:  no

Do you have any other undeliverable emails sitting in your Outbox?  If
Evo 1.4.x can't deliver one email, it fails to deliver anything else 
subsequently (and gives that not so helpful error message in the

I now have to confess to being more than a little stupid.  So what's new
ask all of my friends?

What happened was this.  I have only just started to use Evolution, and
imported all of my stored emails and address books from Eudora to Evo. 
The process was reasonably easy, but like a total idiot I transferred
all of the content of Eudora>Sent into Evo>Outbox.  The result was that
Evo obviously thought that here was something in the region of 300
Emails to send before the ones I was trying to send at the time.  The
answer was to just transfer everything from Evo>Outbox into Evo>Sent and
the reult is that
Evo now sends Email like there is no tomorrow.
Sorry to be so stupid.  But thanks for all of the help!

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