[Evolution] change icons.

Hi there,

Is it possible to exchange the large (24x24) icons with 16x16 icons in
the toolbar?

How do I get rid of the toolbar in the compose window, and the
formatting bar which I never need, It just takes up a lot of space.

Regarding space. Since I mainly use kde apps, I'm astonished by how big
all widgets are in gtk, didn't find any theme that made them smaller.
For example the mail,contacts,calendars,tasks buttons in the left bottom
of the app takes up 35 px (on the height) and would only need about
20px, the same is true for the buttons in the toolbar, takes up about
32px and would only need a bit more than 24, if 24 icons are use, which
I don't want.

I of cause understand that it might be preferable for some people to
have bigger widgets, but please give me some guidelines on how to make
them smaller. And no I'm not running evolution on a 640x480 screen
(1920x1200 in fact).

Best regards
Robert Lindgren

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