Re: [Evolution] Use filters on emails through IMAP

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 11:36 +0200, Pascal DRABIK wrote:

   Following your advice, I created a log file and made some
tests to try to understand what is happening when the Evolution 
client is checking for emails on the Exchange server (once every
5 minutes in my own settings). I noticed the following while the
client is initiating the checking.

   The client is sending a "LSUB" message.

I think you mean the STATUS command... LSUB doesn't give any info about
#messages, it just lists the names of the subscribed folders.

 The server is providing
how many existing emails and how many recent emails

actually, it responds with # total messages and # unseen messages
(unseen is not the same as recent)

, it answers to
the "LSUB" requests and terminate it. Then the client initiates a FETCH
command and so on... In this case, the new messages on the server are
not considered as new by the client Evolution and the filtering rules 
are not used.

this is like I said then... the server is not telling evolution that the
messages are \Recent (and according to the server, there are no recent
messages). a STATUS command MUST NOT remove the \Recent flag, it says so
in the rfc.

   Another case can take place.

   The client is sending a "NOOP" commande. The server is providing
how manu existing emails and how many recent emails and terminates
the NOOP command. The client initiates a FETCH command, and so on...
In this case, the new messages on the server are considered as new
messages by the Evolution and the filtering rules are applied.

   I attach the corresponding file to this email, in which I introduced 
blank line before the starting of a checking for new emails. At the 
beginning of the file I included the starting of the session (greetings,
authentication, etc.)

   From what I understood from the protocol (RFC3501), I would not 
expect a checking session started by a "LSUB" command ( I must
admit that I do not fully understand its use), but instead
by a "NOOP" command.

LSUB is not used to check new mail, it's used to probe which mailboxes
exist. That information is then used to probe (using the STATUS command)
for unread mail counts (not new messages).

NOOP is only used for the folder that is currently selected, so that the
server has a chance to tell us about any changes that have occured since
our last command.

   Do you think there might be a configuration problem somewhere
(client or server) or would it be a bug (use always the "NOOP"

it's a busted server. if new mail arrives in your INBOX and Evolution
sends a STATUS command for INBOX, and then your IMAP server clears the
\Recent flags - that is a server bug. It MUST NOT do that.


On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 17:54, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 17:06 +0200, Pascal DRABIK wrote:

   Thanks a lot for your very quick reaction.

   So this is not a bug from Evolution.

well, anything's possible.

   I will try to investigate more on the server side.

you could set CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG=1 in your shell env and then start
evolution. This will force all protocol stuff to be logged to the
terminal. Might be useful in debugging...


   Thanks a lot again.



On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 16:06, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
The problem is that the server, for one reason or another, is not
telling Evolution that these messages are \Recent (that's an IMAP
Perhaps you have another client or mail-check applet pointed at the
IMAP server? Or perhaps Exchange is just buggy... or god knows.

The first client to access \Recent messages on a server removes the
\Recent flag, so any client that comes along later will not see the
flags and hence not know that they are "new".


On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 15:58 +0200, Pascal DRABIK wrote:

   I am using Evolution 4.1.6 client connected through
IMAP to an Exchange server.

   In the context of setting filters to avoid SPAM, I discovered
that the received emails from the Microsoft world are not all
filtered when accessed by the Evolution client.

   The rules are only applied some times at their "arrival".

   For the emails not filtered, in my mailbox, using a CTRL-Y
on them applies correctly the defined rule.

   I have seen few emails on the Web about this but as old as 
in 2001. Nothing really recent or that I could use to understand
better the issue.

   Is there anybody who got the same trouble? Is there a solution
or hints about to solve the problem?

   Thanks in advance.



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