Re: [Evolution] shared folders and ntlm with GAL

On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 16:02 -0500, Daniel Wittenberg wrote:
Is there a way to see the calendar of a resource in Exchange with the 
connector, or to see another user's calendar?

File -> Open Other User's Folder

Anyone know if the newer versions of the connector will not require the ntlm 
patch to openldap?  Would be nice if it used kerberos instead

Hm... there's no reason we couldn't do that. IIRC, back in the days of
Connector 1.0, most of the platforms we supported didn't ship krb5
packages, and we didn't want to have to build it ourselves, so that was
basically ruled out. But Connector always depends on krb5 now, so
there's no reason it couldn't use it for LDAP auth too. Someone would
just need to write the code. (Unfortunately, we are not likely to do
this before 2.0. So you should file a wishlist bug at Preferably with a patch :-)

-- Dan

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