Re: [Evolution] Evolution stores my stuff absolute and not relative to my home dir ?!?

Evolution 1.5 stores stuff relative to your home directory, 1.4 used
absolute paths.

why not simply write a sed script to update all the info?


On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 16:19 +0200, Johannes Behr wrote:
I had to move my home-directory to a new location
on your server and now evolution does not work
correctly anymore.
The 'evolution' directory is still in my home-directory
(~) but quite some stuff does not work. The contacts
are all gone, the filter don't work anymore and
autosave has also some problem.
It seems, that evolution stores some pathes
absolute and globally and not locally to my home-directory.
If i do a "find . -iname \* -exec grep 'old-dir' {} ';'"
in my evolution directory I find allot of old absolute
Why? That's is very strange! Can I force evolution
to store everything relative to my home-directory?

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