[Evolution] [Evolution 1.4.6] Play sound file when mail arrives not working


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I enabled the 

Tools --> Settings --> 
        Mail Preferences
                --> New Mail Notification
                        --> Play sound file when new mail arrives 

I set the filename to a wave file I have, using the full path. I am not
hearing any sound. Sound card works, Volume is pumped.

I've done some quick grep'ing on the source and I guess the function
being used to play the sound file is:


static void
main_play_sound (CamelFilterDriver *driver, const char *filename, gpointer user_data)
        if (filename && *filename)
                gnome_sound_play (filename);
                gdk_beep ();

        g_free (filename);
        camel_object_unref (session);

Q1. I'm using debian so not sure if there was library left out of 
the package's depenencies. I'll look but anyone know off what library
gnome_sound_play comes from? If a library was left out I'll report it as
a bug. 

Q2. From some initial googl'ing I'm reading esd must be running in order
for gnome_sound_play to work; is this right (?) 

I'll keep looking for more info. Please let me know if you know exactly
what needs to be available to get this sound play to work on mail

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