RE: [Evolution] Problems with evo 1.4.6

Is there more info I need to supply here?

I really need some help with this issue..


Ps it's a modified slack 9.1 box w/linux 2.4.22 gcc 3.2.3 glibc 2.3.2
and garnome 2.95.2 which is gnome 2.6 rc 1

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I seem to have a problem post building evo 1.4.6 everytime I start it,
the spash screen comes up and then dies.. with this error on console.. 

(evolution:10267): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: g_object_set_valist:
construct property "type" for object `ESplash' can't be set after
evolution: relocation error:
undefined symbol: e_book_get_config_database

I've removed all old libraries of gal, gtkhtml, and libsoup and built it
with gal 1.99.11 gtkhtml 3.0.10 and libsoup 1.99.28

Any ideas. I appreciate your help and time..

Tony Mattke <tonhe adelphia net>

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