Re: [Evolution] Unable to keep folders expanded

On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 17:22, John Horne wrote:
1) When I startup evolution I have to expand all my IMAP subfolders.
Unfortunately I belong to quite a few mailing lists and have created
folders/subfolders for them. With RH9 I simply expanded the foders and
evolution remembered that state each time I started it up. With FC2 I
have to expand them all every time.

I suspect someone at RH has fiddled slightly here - a few defaults are
different (for example the default search is "Subject contains" rather
than message/body (can't remember which) contains.

I haven't specifically noticed your problem but then I leave the folder
lists collapsed nearly all the time and work in a small number of
virtual folders, despite delivering stuff into piles of different

Does anyone have any ideas suggestions about either of these problems?
Other than that evolution 1.4.6 seems to work fine :-) Anyone
installed/using the Netware/ximian evolution communicator with FC2
(without using red-carpet)?


DMalcolm's connector build mostly works -

You need to sort the library path which is missed by the package.  Add
/usr/lib/evolution/1.4/ to and do /sbin/ldconfig or create a
file /etc/ containing the line
and do /sbin/ldconfig

The mostly works part is:-
     1. Evo/connector fairly often bombs when you delete a message,
        specifically seems to involve multiple message deletes maybe one
        has to be on exchange storage???  See
     2. library path problem with workround above

I would like to see a better formatted build for this - it looks like he
(very kindly) knocked a package up but has not touched it since.


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