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tir, 08.06.2004 kl. 03.23 skrev Not Zed:

it might depend on your filters, or on other bugs in the server
(courier has a lot).

Threading uses the 'References' header, or if unavailable, the
In-Reply-To header.

Interesting. Indeed, when I look at the filtered dspam list (majordomo)
headers, they don't have a Reference or In-Reply-To field. Nor do the
mysql headers (ezmlm). Neither list threads in Evo. I'll kill the Evo
filter for dspam and see what happens. Courier (yes, I use Courier IMAP
3.0.1 here) neither adds nor deletes headers, AFAICS.




imap filtering we just move messages on the server, even if we
download them to process them, we generally throw that away and let
the server move the message.  Unless you have one that is processing
the message and re-uploading it.  Perhaps that is stripping these

evo filters wont remove these headers by themselves.

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 16:23 +0200, Tony Earnshaw wrote: 
søn, 06.06.2004 kl. 14.36 skrev Tony Earnshaw:

There are mailing lists that do not thread properly. I don't mind if
these are medium- or low-volume lists. It doesn't matter what the MLM
software is, I have this with ezmlm (mysql) and majordomo (dspam) lists,
as well as unknown MLM software (UMich LDAP).

Hmmm ... I just suddenly noticed: When the messages for these lists come
into my Inbox - from Courier IMAP 3.0 - it is correctly threaded. But
when the Evo filter has done its stuff and moved the messages, the
thread glue gets torn apart. That is, it seems to be the filters that
tear the threads apart.


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