Re: [Evolution] Alarm summary missing

On Tue, 2004-06-01 at 11:26 -0500, Chris Boyce wrote:
Didn't see a VALARM field.  These are saving as vCalendar events... is
that what you'd expect?  

it's not a field, it's a 'subsection' inside the VEVENT component.

I see a "SUMMARY:" field which has the correct summary.  I also saved an
appointment of my own, which would show the summary OK, and didn't see
anything remarkably different.  Some of my Outlook-generated meetings
have recurrence; wasn't sure if that would have any significance.

Is there anything else I should check?

if there's no VALARM, I can't understand why you get reminders at all.

Could you please send me the complete VEVENT?


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