Re: [Evolution] Multiple POP accounts, one inbox?????

Your comment of "pop is for lusers" reeks of immaturity.  I'm new to
Linux.  I use POP with Fedora Core 1 & Evolution.  I'd recommend the
setup to anyone new to Linux as the combination works flawlessly for my

One good thing came out of your email, though.  I learned how to filter
messages based on "sender" address, reducing noise to my inbox.

On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 12:37, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
fre, 30.01.2004 kl. 23.46 skrev Zot O'Connor:

With multiple IMAP folders, I get a server ->INBOX.  I expected
something similar for POP.

POP don't work like IMAP. POP is POP and IMAP is IMAP. POP is for
lusers, IMAP is for people.

As Jeff advises, set up your local folders and have Evo filter your
incoming mail into these folders. Even IMAP needs to do that, but with
IMAP the mail normally stays on the server - unless, etc.


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