Re: [Evolution] External pictures in html mails

I had this problem a while back also. The other program where the
problem showed up was gnome dictionary. Gdict would give an error that a
connection to the Internet was not available but everything else that
needed it worked fine. Evo would download mail from a pop3 server but
wouldn't load external pictures. I searched every gconf and gnome
configuration setting I could find but finally had to back up my $HOME
directory and start with a clean one recreating all my program settings
from scratch.

The only thing that I could think of was that it was from an older gnome
setting since my $HOME directory had been backed up and restored through
a couple of versions of Redhat.

On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 13:36, Jérôme Warnier wrote:
Le jeu 29/01/2004 à 19:08, Jeffrey Stedfast a écrit :
you probably have a misconfigured proxy setting on the machine that
doesn't work then.
It is not. We thought about it.
Galeon 1.3 is able to load pages, and as far as I know, it uses the same
parameters (unless this is a bug in Evolution).
To test it, we even disabled the firewall and allowed the machine to go
out without having to go through the web proxy.
But it didn't work :-(

(I misunderstood you the first time, I thought it was only a few random
html mails that failed)
No, all html mails with external pictures, but only for some users.


On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 13:03, Jérôme Warnier wrote:
Le mer 28/01/2004 à 16:17, Jeffrey Stedfast a écrit :
probably means that the references in the html aren't properly defined.
Do you want me to send you a sample?

Anyway, it is not that simple because, on the same machine, one user
will work and another will not. I realized that after struggling against
this problem for days (well, no much time per day, I must admit).

I'm using Debian Woody with GNOME 2.2 and Evolution backports. And the
same packages work fine on other machines or just other users.


On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 03:46, Jérôme Warnier wrote:
Some (most) users here, using Evolution 1.4.5, do not get the pictures
in HTML mails when not attached to the e-mail (ie: need to load it from
the Internet).
There is no firewall, and using a web proxy or not (through the GNOME
2.2 settings) does not change the behaviour.
The preference about loading external pictures is set (to all, not even
restricted works), and even when I ask to load the pictures for a
specific mail, it doesn't work.

Could somebody here help me?

PS: I already posted a mail about this on this mailing-list some time
ago, but got helpful no answer.

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