Re: [Evolution] Problem with IMAP

you're not doing anything wrong, it is the server software that is

When evolution requests the header block (minus the Received headers), returns an empty string... and so evolution thinks there are no
subject/date/from headers and thus you get a blank message-list.


On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 09:55, Jan Rosczak wrote:
Hello *,

I am new to this list, because I have not that much experience with Evolution. Only
played with it from time to time, to keep up with its great development.

There is one thing bugging me, so. I want to use Evolution to access my IMAP account (
Connecting, getting list of mails works fine. The only problem is that in the list of mails no subject, 
sender or whatsoever is shown. If I open one mail, all information is there. What am I doing wrong?

I use Gentoo Linux and I have the same problem with Gnome 2.4/Evolution 1.4 and Gnome 2.5/Evolution 1.5.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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