[Evolution] Delete suddenly causing hard crashes (SECOND request)

Hi folks,

Been running 1.4.5 on Fedora Core 1 for a couple of months. A few days ago, I 
woke up and found an error dialog on top of the Evo window. (I've submitted a 
bug report already.)

After some investigation, it appears that deleting email causes Evo to crash 
hard. Message identifies the process and simply says a fatal error has 

This happens:

1. When I move a message from one folder to another
2. When I try to fetch messages
3. When i just click "Delete"

In each case, a delete operation is involved, and that's what causes the 
crash. When I move a message to another folder, the message gets copied to 
the new folder, but the deletion out of the original folder causes the crash.

I've lost access to all of my old mail - both IMAP and POP.

So right now I'm using KMail which I don't like as much, but.... it's not 
crashing on me.

What other info can I provide to help troubleshoot what's going on?


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