[Evolution] Evolution 1.5 problems.

I just compiled Evolution 1.5 to play with it. Without any permission
from myself, it started a spamd daemon listening on a local port. That's
just scary. 

It's objectionable that it even started trying to use SpamAssassin at
all without being asked; let alone that it started a daemon. This really
ought to be turned off by default.

It's also given me a new 'Junk' folder which I can't seem to delete,
just like the 'Trash' folder, except at least that one had the decency
to go at the end of the folder list where it wasn't in the way _quite_
so much. If I try to delete either of these unwanted folders, I don't
even get an error message -- it just issues a LIST to the IMAP folder
for them, finds that they don't really exist, and silently does nothing.

Finally, although it goes and checks for mail as requested, and I can
_see_ it issuing STATUS commands and getting told there's new mail, it's
not highlighting folders in the tree and showing me that there's new
mail there.


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