[Evolution] Delete suddenly causing hard crashes

Hi folks,

Been running 1.4.5 on Fedora Core 1 for a couple of months. This morning
when I woke up, there was a error dialog on top of the Evo window (I've
submitted a bug report already.)

It appeared that moving emails out of Inbox into a subsidiary folder
caused the crash - it was repeatable every time. I was using IMAP. I
rebooted the mail server (Windows, alas), and the FC box. Same results.
Then I switched the account from IMAP to POP. Again, same result -
moving a message caused a crash "fatal error".

After playing around some more, it turns out that the thing that causes
the crash is not moving, but the deletion after the move (deletion from
the Inbox folder). The messages are successfully moved, but not deleted
from the Inbox. And Evo crashes. 

I'm guessing that it's one of the messages in my Inbox that is corrupt
or otherwise has bad data, but seeing as how I've got about 500 messages
in my Inbox (I use this account for a number of mailing lists), going
through the messages one by one isn't realistic.

Ideas on what might be causing this and how to fix it? 


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