Re: [Evolution] Excluding spam from unread virtual folder

On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 04:08, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
I have a rather bushy tree of imap folders - any of which can be
delivered into directly, spread over a couple of servers.

To make it easier to read through current stuff I use an "Unread"
virtual folder - ie "Status is not Read over all active remote folders".

However this means I get to see all the SpamAssassin tagged spam which
is hitting a couple of explicit spam folders.

Try this:

Since evo's vFolders will pick it up regardless, the key is for the spam
not to actually BE in an active [remote or otherwise] folder.

Create yourself another IMAP user, say nigel-spam (if your regular IMAP
user is nigel), and then have your spam system [it is server side,
right?] redirect tagged Spam to nigel-spam instead of some ProbableSpam
folder in your regular IMAP hierarchy.

Then, you add a new IMAP account for nigel-spam. And leave it disabled.
This way, you don't normally see the spam, and it doesn't hit your

Myself, I run a slight variation on this. Because I travel so much, I
use offlineimap to bring in all my mail, so my primary Evolution mail
account is a local maildir. But I have another account configured,
"Probable Spam" being an IMAP account that joins up to my spam user so
that I can check for false positives once in a while and clear it out.

[My "false positive" and "false negative" folders are in my regular
hierarchy, so if I have to train my filter with one such, a message
copied there gets synched back to the server where a cron job comes
along, reads those folders, and injects them into bogofilter]

At the rocking in Adelaide!

Andrew Frederick Cowie
Operational Dynamics Consulting Pty Ltd

Australia +61 2 9977 6866   North America +1 646 472 5054

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