Re: [Evolution] gnome-control-center woes

ons, 14.01.2004 kl. 22.51 skrev Patrick O'Callaghan:

For no apparent reason gnome-control-center will no longer
remember my Web Browser setting. I open the Preferred Applications
panel and both options ("Select a WB" and "Custom WB") are
deselected. I select Custom, close the panel, and when I
reopen it it's deselected again.

Is this a file permissions problem or what?

<Fedora FC1, KDE 3.1, Evo 1.4.5>

All I can say is, that Fedora (I'm a RedHat person) seems to be giving
an awful lot of people unexpected and inexplicable problems with all
sorts of things that work perfectly normally and well with standard RH
distros - as well as with other vendors' distros. I have no idea why
this should be, and there's no hard and fast rule.


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