[Evolution] Suggestion : auto contact vfolder

I use plenty of sorting of the incoming mail to various folders
according to which mailing list, project, company, group or machine the
message refers to. But many of the contacts I interact with are actually
members of several groups. Therefore it is not easy to keep a whole
picture of the interactions. That is a shining application of vfolders :
a vfolder with the contact's address a key will give me just what I

But I have seen many co-worker's who sort by contact and do not know the
power of the vfolders. They are no power users and never use filters :
they believe it is way too complicated for them to use, they claim to
have no time for learning and my evangelisation attempts about how
filtering changes everything have so far failed. Most of those users
only have an Inbox folder, and the ones who have sub-folders only sort
manually. So what I propose is to automate the creation of vfolders for
contacts to give those users a simple, fast and easy way to set up user
based vfolders so that they can take advantage of that type of filtering
without having to actually set up sub-folders and filters manually.

Here is how I see it work : In the Vfolders top level folder, a sub
folder would be named "Contacts". In the contact card, a button "create
a new vfolder with this contact's addresses" would create a new vfolder
in the Vfolders/Contacts folder.

That's it. A simple way to leverage the power of vfolders by making them
accessible to lazy users. Ergonomically speaking, it costs an additional
button on the contact card. I do not know how much code that
functionality represents. Am I the only one to think this feature may be
interesting, or are there other who share my views ?

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