Re: [Evolution] Outlook2000/PGP8.0 and Evolution1.4.5/GPG1.2.4

The problem is that Outlook is setup to use inline pgp
signatures/encryption. Evolution uses the IETF standard for PGP over
email, which is commonly referred to as PGP/MIME (see rfc3156 for

inline pgp and PGP/MIME are not compatable.

PGP/MIME is a much better format as it allows encrypting/signing of the
entire email including attachments (or any/all parts individually)...
whereas inline pgp only works with text/plain emails.

We have posted a bounty reward for anyone who implements inline pgp
support in evolution:

someone actually just sent us a partial patch (which only allows sending
of inline pgp-signed messages thus far) to evolution-patches ximian com
just the other day, so with any luck this feature will be available in


(PS isn't job317 from Mission Impossible or something?)

On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 10:26, Job 317 wrote:
Please fogive me if this issue has been discussed to death but...

I use Evolution-1.4.5 (and love it) with GPG-1.2.4 but also use Outlook
2000 with PGP 8.0.

I wish to be able to check signatures and decrypt messages on both ends
from the other e-mail client.

Currently, my Evolution GPG signature shows up as an attachment in
Outlook and I don't know how to verify the signature with PGP 8.0.

Also, how can I check my PGP signature when received in Evolution? I
also use KGPG but when I cut and paste the PGP signature into the KGPG
clipboard and verify it, I'm told that the signature or test is

I was able to successfully decrypt my OUTLOOK/PGP8.0 encryption using
the KGPG clipboard decrypt function but it seems more work than it's
worth. (I have not tried decrypting an Evolution/GPG1.2.4 message using
Outlook/PGP8.0 yet.)

So, am I naiive? I thought that PGP was Universal (i.e. OpenPGP

Does Evolution have plans to make decryption and signature verification
from Outlook/PGP easier?



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