Re: [Evolution] My two problemos

Hi Peter.
On Wed, 2004-01-07 at 07:02, Peter McAlpine wrote:
Problemo #2:
I use spamassassin, and would like to find a way to pipe an email
message to 'sa-learn' to keep my spam filter trained. Is this feature

I don't know about this, because normally you "sa-learn" spams that
Spamassassin does not recongnize as spam, and so it is going right into
a "normal" inbox (not the SPAM Inbox).

I am moving manually this spam in a temporary folder, named ZPAM, as
spamassassin is catching 99% of my spam, so this is not a hard job.
Then, once a while, I am running this script that I found on this
mailing list.

echo Learning about spam
# On a single line below
sa-learn --spam --showdots --mbox
echo Rebuilding database
sa-learn --rebuild
echo Training complete!

And I just empty this ZPAM folder.

Works great, and maybe it helps.


Philippe, Chiangmai, Thailand

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