[Evolution] Attaching emails with evolution or Content-Type: message/rfc822 readonly

Happy new year,

I haven't found an answer to the following question in the documentation
or by googling.

I want to attach more than one message to a new message. One possibility
is while reading a first message to type CTRL+j. It will open a new
message with the first "attached" to it. But how to attach a second

With Outlook, you could drag one or more messages in your new message
but it doesn't work here, at least with my version 1.4.4 of Evolution.

Another possibility that I found consists in saving your second message
in a folder and then by a simple file attachment to your new message.
But then it is not of type Content-Type: message/rfc822 and
unfortunately the string is read only while right clicking on property.
But you can change the title.

Is there a file extension like Microsoft .eml to attach an rfc822
message with Ximian Evolution?

Thank you for any information.

Nicolas Brouard

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