[Evolution] Signature from a script...

Hi all!

I have been trying to find the answer yo this question in the knowledge
base, since it seems to be as quite common, but I could not find it, so
sorry if it has been answered before! I am trying to create a signature
that merely takes the output of the fortune command, but it seems that
evolution is unable to recognize the new line code, so everything
finishes in the same line, which looks quite ugly! The script is just
like this:

/usr/games/fortune -s

Is there any special option that I can enable so that evolution does not
eat the LF characters in the output of fortune?

...and another question, which is probably a bug: I am unable to edit or
modify a script in the signatures menu. I write a simple name for the
script, like 'Quote' and fill in the command and evolution complains
'You must specify a valid script name'... there is no way to enter a new
script in the signatures tab, since the name is not recognized... is
this a known bug or am I doing something inherently wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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