Re: [Evolution] Multiple Mail Accounts Question.

it picks the From address based on the recipient list of the message. So
if one of your email addresses is in the To/Cc headers, it will choose
that account.

It also checks the Evolution-Source header, if that is set it chooses
that account.

failing the above 2 (can't remember which order they were applied in),
it chooses the default account.


On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 10:22, Derek Wueppelmann wrote:
How does Evolution choose which address to send mail from when you have
more than one account? I have been getting icreasingly frustrated with
Evolution 1.2.4 because I have two accounts, one which is disabled
because I only use it to send mail from and the other which holds all of
my mail. Whenver I compose a message it seems to pick a from address
randomly from the listing. There is no consistency that I can find? Is
there a way I can force it to always pick one address instead of
randomly selecting one.

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