[Evolution] importing vcards in bulk

Hi - new to the group since I haven't been able to find any answers on
the Ximian website.

I have about 914 names in a Notes 6 addressbook (names.nsf) and i have
exported those names in vCard 2.1 format to a file called - names.vcf. 
When I attempt to import the file into my Evolution->Contacts, I get a
"blip" on the screen - a dialog box that I can't read fast enough and
processing stops almost immediately.  I have been able to import about
270 contacts by way of cutting the original names.vcf file into smaller

Is there an easier way (perhaps cli?) to load/xfer those contacts from
Notes or the .vcf file?  Any tools?  Any plan for better support within
the product?

I am a pretty good developer and I would be happy to investigate the
problem in the source if I knew where to find it.

Thanks much to anyone that can provide me some assistance!


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