Re: [Evolution] Importing from Outlook via Netscape

I can recommend Outport (OUTlook exPORT),

It worked somewhat fine when I tried it on my Calendar and Contacts
folders. It doesn't however import "non english" characters. It simply
stops at these and goes on to next post. In my case it were just a
matter of filling in the missing information after the import in


On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 15:13, Jules Richardson wrote:
Not *strictly* an Evolution problem, but something someone may have come

I asked about getting Outlook mail into Evolution a while back, and
importing into Netscape and from there to Evolution was suggested as the
way to go.

Question now is... what versions of everything does this solution work

The version of Outlook I have is 2000, build I tried
Netscape 6, which says it should import from Outlook, but it just told
me it couldn't find any mailboxes (worryingly, no option for me to tell
it which pst file to import from, and it didn't appear to be thrashing
the disk looking for files either). Any ideas if NS6 is just
imcompatible with that particular version of Outlook? 

Should I be using a different version of Netscape, or does Outlook need
to be configured in a particular way in order for Netscape to find the
pst files (maybe I'm not running some service which NS expects to find,
given that it doesn't seem to be as simple as pointing NS at a
particular .pst file)

Also, am I barking up the wrong tree in expecting Evolution (1.2.2
currently; still planning an upgrade to 1.4.x in the near future) to
import from NS6's mail format, or is that the right version (or is the
mailbox data format the same across all NS versions anyway)

Seems like a bit of a nightmare, and a direct import from Outlook to
Evolution seems like a desirable feature anyway if Evolution's really
going to gain ground as a popular email client.


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