Re: [Evolution] cron job to backup old mail

Ron Johnson (ron l johnson cox net) scribbled:
On Fri, 2004-08-20 at 08:10 -0400, Jason Cooper wrote: 
I'm attempting to get my old email under control.  I have about 450M in
an 'OldMail' folder in evolution.  It's stored in mbox format.  

If I tar up the entire 'OldMail' directory which includes this list:

total 427933
-rw-r--r--  1 jcooper users        86 Oct 10  2003 folder-metadata.xml
-rw-------  1 jcooper users        95 Aug 18 12:51 local-metadata.xml
-rw-------  1 jcooper users 434518823 Aug 19 15:24 mbox
-rw-------  1 jcooper users    762091 Aug 19 15:24 mbox.ev-summary
-rw-------  1 jcooper users    928768 Aug 19 15:24 mbox.ibex.index
-rw-------  1 jcooper users   1550676 Aug 19 15:24

Can I just remove it?  Will evolution barf on it disappearing?  Also,
later down the road, if I copied it back into place, would evolution
recognize it correctly?

I guess the point I'm really trying to get at is this.  Does evolution
rely solely on the contents of this directory to tell it what mail is

Usually I would just experiment, but this data is too critical. :(

If you put a new mbox file in the directory /while Evo is shut down/,
then, the next time it starts up, it will re-index the emails.

Thus, since a 0 length mbox is valid, Evo will that, too.

For example:
$ evolution --force-shutdown
$ x=`date +%y%m%d.%H%M`
$ mv ~/evolution/mail/local/subdirs/OldMail/mbox \
$ gzip ~/tmp/OldMail-$x.mbox
$ touch ~/evolution/mail/local/subdirs/OldMail/mbox
$ evolution  ## Evo will start up fine

(Yes, the subdirectory tree is wrong, but close enough for these

Thanks for the summary.  I didn't think to touch the mbox file.  I'll
add that to my script.  

I'm breaking OldMail down (from within evo) into a folder for each
month, so I can be a little more selective on what goes to our backup

Thanks again for the quick replies.


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