[Evolution] latest Evo update causes problems in RH8

In Red Carpet, I am subscribed to Evolution and RH8,  but not XD2.
When I updated Evolution to 1.4.6-0, there were a few side effects that were a pain.
The effect of this was that all gnome applications coredumped.  This was bad.  I found the fix described in the following post:
It turns out that but this gtk2 also requires an update of libgnomeui.  I was able to fix by subscribing to XD2 and installing only libgnomeui 2.2. using red-carpet, and then unsubscribing XD2.  However, I don't know if this will have other unwanted side effects.
This I don't know how to fix.  There are some old messages, but nothing recent. 
Is this fix still valid?

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