Re: [Evolution] running virus scanner with ev 1.4.5 on linux

ons, 14.04.2004 kl. 05.14 skrev Gerald Pine:

I'm using 1.4.5 with SuSE 9.0 and using spambayes to scan for viruses. 
As another poster pointed out, there haven't been any viruses affecting
linux, but i exchange files with windows users, and i don't want to be
blamed for infecting their machines.  Spambayes works fine if you load
virtually all the Python files.  Get the program from  If you are using an earlier version of
Python than 2.3, you also need to install the email 2.5.4 package.  The
instructions are pretty good, and the only complication is that you need
to train the program to recognize spam.  Save a batch of old emails to
do that.  

What does Spambayes have to do with virus?



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