[Evolution] Evolution won't retrieve from a pop account

I have an install of Debian using Evolution 1.4.5 which fetches mail
from my pop mail account without difficulty.

I also have an install of SuSE 9 (via ftp) using Evolution 1.4.4 which
refuses to retrieve mail from the same account (I was thinking of

This is the error I receive:
Unable to connect to POP server pop.compuserve.com.
Error sending password: -ERR Failed to open mailbox bwaldow
Please enter the POP password for bwaldow pop compuserve com

Re-entering the password repeats the above error message.

The same settings work fine with Evolution 1.4.5 on Debian.  I've gone
directly into my account at Compuserve and verified I know the password.

In the working setup, pop3 extensions are not disabled.  In the failing
(SuSE) one, either setting provokes the error dialog.  I've removed and
re-installed Evolution on SuSE.  No difference.

Any ideas?  Google found several old and one new messages about this
error, but I didn't find anything conclusive or applicable.

Thanks in advance,

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