[Evolution] Unifying error messages all over GNOME


Dial-up users on unstable lines with evolution are already aware of the
situation. Lets say, you have 7 accounts (4 pop3, 3 imap). You get
disconnected in the middle of a send/receive session. You know have
about 8 dialogs talking about some problem with the connection and each
have a "Close" button in the bottom-right corner.

Now, what would Joe user do? Where are these errors coming from? So I
filed this:


Micros~1 solved this issue for Outlook by adding an errors pane under
the send-receive dialog. Any errors get displayed there, and Joe user
can easily see what caused these errors.

What I'd love to see in GNOME is, something to centralize and unify the
way error messages are displayed, like notification area icons with
balloons, containing short descriptions about the source and reason of
the message.

Sorry for cross-posting, I think this situation needs attention from
both sides of the world.
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