Re: [Evolution] evo 1.5.5

On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 07:29 +1000, Strong, Mark wrote:
Compiled this the other day, three things of note

1) it crashes on auto completion (it appears a few people have this

Should be fixed, but anon cvs might still not have it yet.

2) the contacts ldap doesn't work with authentication (using distinguished
name type).  The ldap bind request has NULL in the DN field and NULL in the
password field (used ethereal to sniff the bind request), so it gets back
invalid credentials from the ldap server. I don't understand why the DN
field is empty (in the bind request) as I put some stuff in the
'Distinguished Name' field and selected 'Login method DN', also where is it
suppose to get the 'password' info (for the ldap bind request) from ?

Check the archives for details on ldap setup, I guess.  And if nothing
helps file a bug.

3) I can't delete these non-working ldap servers, if I right click and
select 'delete', I get an error 'Error removing address book:
e_book_load_uri: no factories avaiable for uri
'ldap://ldapserver:389/??one'.  What config file holds the ldap server info
? (for this version of evo 1.5.5)

Not sure, maybe someone else can shed some light here.

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