[Evolution] Checking Recipients


I've been using Evolution for a while and I must say the most
frustrating thing with it is that it has a tendency to discard
recipients that it doesn't recognize.  I just composed a message whereby
I clicked the 'To:' box to select multiple recipients for the message. 
Then I decided that I would rather Bcc: these people and so I selected
the names in the To: field and copy/pasted them into the Bcc: field. 
Since you're supposed to include at least one address in the To: field,
I put my address there.

End result, it sent the message to me.  Only to me.  I checked the
outgoing server logs and know for sure that it was not delivered to
anyone else.

Even though all of the names were in the Bcc: field and properly spelt
(which I know for sure since I didn't even type them), it completely
discarded them all without a warning.  Is there any way to tell
Evolution to display an error if there is extra info in the address
lines, or even to tell it to check the names before sending?

This has been a reoccurring problem for me (and is only getting more

Thanks for any help,

Andy Ellis  <andrewe ualberta net>

    The only skills I have patience to learn are those that have no real
application in life.      -- Calvin

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