[Evolution] evolution 1.4.5 Bonobo-CRITICAL + Gtk-CRITICAL

I just upgraded from 1.2.2 to 1.4.5 (Mandrake 9.1). 
When i want to go on Summary, then Evolution will close (i can still open the 
Summary in a new window).

I get these msg in console :

(evolution:2627): Bonobo-CRITICAL **: file bonobo-ui-util.c: line 182 
(bonobo_ui_util_xml_to_pixbuf): assertion `xml != NULL' failed

(evolution:2627): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file ../../gtk/gtkimage.c: line 1017 
(gtk_image_get_pixbuf): assertion `image->storage_type == GTK_IMAGE_PIXBUF || 
image->storage_type == GTK_IMAGE_EMPTY' failed
Floating point exception

I read the posts about Bonobo-Critical 
and i checked the settings for default browser in gnome-control center.
But still i can't reach Summary
Thanks for your help

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