Re: [Evolution] pgp/gpg implementation doesn't work correctly

On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 11:30, Kleiner Hampel wrote:
Am Sam, den 15.11.2003 schrieb Jeffrey Stedfast um 15:46:

Evolution implements the PGP-MIME (rfc3156) specification which is
recognised as the standard by the IETF.

You mean that kmails 'method' to sign and encrypt isn't standard?

There are two commonly accepted methods for PGP signing mail.  The
oldest, and probably the most widely used is the method that you see in
kmail, inline signatures.  The other is the rfc3156 specification which
is the PGP MIME attatchment.

It would be nice if evolution did both, since there are some mailers
(Outlook Express) that don't handle the MIME attached signatures at all.

Hope this helps

Martin Hicks || mort bork org || PGP/GnuPG: 0x4C7F2BEE

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