[Evolution] Remove duplicates (one more try)

Tip for an extra feature: Please include a "Remove duplicates in this
folder" folder menu item!

The "remove duplicates" should remove any mails with identical
message-id in same folder. I've seen bug reports of this, but nothing
happens. Is it difficult?

The Bat (Windows client) has been employing this for ages, never heard
any outcries about problems there...

Not thinking about automatic duplicate removal based on msgid, since
that might be faked. Thus it must be a manual procedure. Even with a
warning and perhaps listing the mails about to be removed after scanning
current folder...?

Problem is that I've had problems with the POP3-implementation in
Evolution. Download 2500 mails, using f.ex spamassassin as commandline
filter. Evolution then is killed for one reason or the other after
having downloaded 1800 mails. Next time evolution start you start
downloading mail 1/2500 AGAIN :-(. Thus I have more than 1000 duplicate
emails filtered into several separate folders with filtering enabled - a
big task to manually remove.

Thanks for any views on thus.

Jakob Breivik Grimstveit, http://www.grimstveit.no/~jakob, +47 48298152 

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