Re: [Evolution] Problem deleting email. where to go ?

1.0.x is like 2 years old. try upgrading to something more current, like


On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 11:50, john lukar wrote:
I don't where else to post this since I only have the
free version of evolution.

When trying to Action-->Empty Trash using my Evolution
version 1.0.5 running off of my Linux (Debian woody
stable) distribution  I get the following error:

Error while 'Expundging folder'
Writing to tmp mailbox
Interrupted system call

I can't tell what this is about but it results in non
of my marked for deletion emails to end up in trash so
they stay in my inbox(and I assume accumilate) with a
strike line through them.

can any one suggest a solution ?

again, I am using Linux 2.4.18(Debian woody stable)
with Gnome 1.4.  Evolution version 1.0.5

thanks much for any info

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