RE: [Evolution] heavy

Here is one thing you might want to consider if you are a laptop user:
if your laptop supports ACPI then soon the 2.6.x kernel will support
things like closing the lid of your laptop and it instantly suspending
to RAM, and hibernating (suspending to disk) when the power runs low;
however, in order to do the latter you must have swap space equal to
your total RAM + the RAM on your video adaptor + a tiny bit more,
because the swap space is used for that.

Dang.. However, Linux 2.6. is unlikely to come out till like the end of the
year and I probably won't be playing around with it till like beginining
next year. Depends on how anxious I am to get hibernating/suspend to work.
Right now, I'm pretty happy..

but thanks for the heads up.

Cheers,                                                 .^.
Mun Heng, Ow                                            /V\
H/M Engineering                                       /(   )\
Western Digital M'sia                                  ^^-^^
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