[Evolution] Re: Addressbook Palm Synchronization Not Working

If you can recompile pilot-link, you might try this change (which was
circulated on the pilot-link list):

    Probably yet-another application violating the 64k segment
You could try increasing DLP_BUF_SIZE in include/pi-dlp.h (and
remove the
#define for the same in libpisock/dlp.c, which will be fixed in the
release) and see if that helps. Something like 0x1ffff should do.

I sync only standard Palm apps, which should respect the 64k segment
size, but after making the above change, my syncing became almost 100%
reliable.  YMMV.

On Sun, 2003-11-02 at 17:48, Paul Harouff wrote: 
I had a similar problem when restoring after a hard reset. Mine was
choking on files named ***Archive.pdb like EISArchive.pdb. Try removing
them from the My Pilot directory then hotsync.

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