Re: [Evolution] Re: imaps over a firewall

On Wed, 2003-10-29 at 17:13 -0800, Mike Godfrey wrote:
If I run this:
      ssh -L
then I get a normal telnet-like ssh connection.  Is this what I want? 
Is this connection secretly doing port redirection while I read news,
use vi, etc?

It _should_ be, certainly. In another terminal, what happens if you run
'telnet localhost 5143'?

If that doesn't succeed, show the output of the same ssh command with
'-v' added. It's possible that port forwarding has been disabled,
although I'd have expected a warning message from your ssh client in
that case.

If I tell evolution to connect to localhost:5143, evolution says that
the local host is refusing connections to port 5143 (I am a newbie at
this port/networking stuff).

Odd. As long as you are currently logged in to ''
from the machine on which Evolution is running, with the above command
line, this should have worked. 

I generally can't be bothered to start the SSH connections manually.
It's not something that session management can handle for me, and I tend
to reuse the terminals which are lying around and log out, taking the
tunnels with them.... that's why I prefer to let Evolution run SSH for


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