Re: [Evolution] Question about filters.

Hi Guenther

I did what you said and when I got to the last page in tab Receiving
options, I didn't have a "[x] Apply filters to new messages in INBOX on
this server".  I am running Evolution 1.2 which came with RedHat 9.0.
Any ideas?  Thanks for your help.


On Thu, 2003-05-15 at 19:58, guenther wrote:
I recently set up 2 filters on my computer to stop certain spam from
coming in, based on two words.  I did a Ctrl-Y to activate the filters,
but spam keeps coming in, with the words I said to filter.  I know I am
not doing something right.  Any help would be appreciated.

Open the Actions menu, move your mouse over Apply Filters and read the
status bar, saying "Apply filter rules to the selected messages"... ;-)

That's Ctrl-Y and it does not enable your filters. You can use this, to
test your filters on the selected messages.

So, select your SPAM messages and do Ctrl-Y. If the SPAM messages are
not moved, your filters are probably wrong.

POP3 or IMAP accounts? For IMAP accounts you have to enable filters in
the account settings:

Tools / Settings / Mail Accounts / <account> Edit / Receiving Options
 [x] Apply filters to new messages in INBOX on this server


Jim Macdonald <jimmmac attbi com>

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