[Evolution] Crash while trying to create or reply to e-mail (1.3.3)

Hello all,

I'm cross-posting this to both lists because I'm not sure which list I should post it in.  I'm a newbie, so 
please be gentle.

I am having a problem with 1.3.3 which was released yesterday...  If I try to create a new e-mail message, or 
if I try to Reply to an e-mail that I have received, I get an application crash, well actually, the Error 
dialog that pops up says: 'Application "evolution-1.3" (process xxxx) has crashed due to a fatal error.  
(Aborted)' and then Evolution shuts down.  I can't seem to get a GDB trace because gdb keeps telling me there 
is no program to run, but I do have the terminal output:

cobbr atl-cobbr-lt:~$ evolution-1.3
(evolution-1.3:24633): GConf-CRITICAL **: file gconf-listeners.c: line 339 (ltable_insert): assertion 
`gconf_valid_key(where, NULL)' failed
** ERROR **: file dictionary.c: line 304 (impl_gnome_spell_dictionary_set_language): assertion failed: 

I've tried rebuilding the gnome-spell and evolution sources, and I get the same results.  Any clue where I 
need to look?

Oh, if it matters, my configuration is as follows:
Pentium III/750Mhz (laptop)
40gig hd/512mb ram
Slackware 9.0 w/ Dropline Gnome (latest)

Thanks in advance,

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