[Evolution] Sound upon email arrival

I guess in part I need to learn how the sound server works ( I'm a
newbie).  I selected that I wanted evolution to play a .wav file when a
new email arrived.  It didn't work.  I tried to play the wav file with
XMMS.  Found that I needed to disable the arts sound server before I
could play the .wav files in XMMS.  I figured that one out and now XMMS
will play both, (as long as I start it with the command artsdsp xmms). 
the problem is now that Evolution will not even "beep" to indicate an
incoming email.  I have the arts sound server set so that I can hear
event sounds such as start-up, shut-down, etc... but I can't get
Evolutioon to even beep anymore.  As I said, I have the arts sound
server start at login, and I have tried both duplex mode and non-duplex
mode and there doesn't seem to be any difference.  Is there something
that I am missing or can someone suggest anything else?  (by the way, I
gave myself rwx permissions on all files/directories necessary to reach
these wave files...  ( I have SuSE 8.0) and Ximian Evolution 1.2.

Your help is appreciated.

junkster <junkster charter net>

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