Re: [Evolution] "Scanning folders" and folder behavior

On Sun, 2003-06-29 at 19:47, Tom Jennings wrote:
I'm wondering if there's a way to selectively control which folders are
scanned for new email, and which are not, rather than an all-off or
all-on mode.
Can I do this? There's this "subscribe to folder" phrase bandied about
temptingly in menus and such but I find no menu, comman, documentationor
web page about it as a concept.

It's lifted directly from the IMAP specification
( where it's vaguely defined as
meaning 'active' but without any clue as the actual interpretation of

Sometimes it's taken to mean that subscribed folders are the _only_
folders we're interested in, and all others should be totally ignored --
but if we've unchecked the option 'Show only subscribed folders' then
that interpretation doesn't make sense.

In fact, the current implementation in Evolution is that if you have
that option turned off, subscribing to folders makes no difference at
all. I wonder if it would be sensible, in the case where 'Show only
subscribed folders' is turned off, to have an option 'Check for mail in
only subscribed folders'?

I'd certainly find that useful too.

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