Re: [Evolution] what happening with pop3 retrival?

I see the same behavior, using RH9.0 and Evo 1.4.0 - I've filed a
bugzilla about it (I forget the number), including the
CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG listing.  The last version that worked right for me
was Evo 1.2.4.

BTW - our mail server is Lotus Domino 5.0.13.

On Sun, 2003-06-22 at 05:33, Not Zed wrote:

1.3.98 has the same pop code as 1.4 (except maybe the odd bug fix).

are you using cvs, or ...?  cvs has an option to disable pop extensions
which might errornously be on by default (i doubt it though).

I dont really know otherwise, unless the server has changed.  A log from
evolution with CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG set to 1 in the environment should
show it - the server should get and reply ok to a CAPA and a UIDL
request, and should also return PIPELINING to the CAPA request for
optimum performance.

On Sun, 2003-06-22 at 08:37, Grzesiek Sedek wrote:
hello everybody,
I've been running evo version 1.3.98 - compiled from sources on debian
ppc sid.
I really liked the way evo was getting pop3 messages from the accounts
where there is a lot of msg (i.e. 3000)
it took just few seconds.
After upgrading to 1.4 situation got back as it always been as far I
remember. (so now the pop box takes about 50 minutes on dialup.
Can anyone tell me why this quick algorithm is not in 1.4?
Thanks a lot.

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