Re: [Evolution] (no subject)

If your mailbox isn't mangled, maybe you can try this:
- create a fake mailbox with the same name of the old one, change format to mbox (the same as the old one), shutdown evolution, replace it with the old one.


Jack Coates wrote:
On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 19:19, Randy Church wrote:

I'm running Evolution 1.2 and I was converting my Inbox from local/mail to
mh format when it ran out of disc space and I had to kill evolution.  Now
when evo goes to access the Inbox it pops up the error "../Inbox/mbox is
not a regular file."  If I try and open properties for the Inbox it never
opens.  I tried to grep through the config files (XML) and could not find
where the "type" of mailbox is set.  Any one got a suggestion?

restore the mbox file from backup if you can.

nice thing about mbox's is that they're just text files. edit it and
you'll probably find it's been mangled at some point, and you can then
delete out the mangled bits.


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