Re: [Evolution] Setting 'read' status in Evolution.

On Tue, 2003-06-10 at 11:22, Panos Platon Tsapralis wrote:
However, I have noticed one thing that may be considered as a bug: I
have configured a filter, that moves all filtered messages into a local
folder and sets their status to 'Read'. Moving happens O.K., status
change does not.
Has anybody else noticed this? Can anybody, please, experiment on
his/her system and let me know whether this happens to them as well?

Same here, it was not working from the beginning, I think and I was
wondering if it was my mistake in setting the status in the right order
when filtering messages.

I was too lazy to file a bug anyway :) If you have the time, please go
ahead and add me to CC: list,
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